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"Vivid and Glossy Color
Finest and Smooth Touch
The Marumasu Scarves"

Established in 2011, marumasu has started as a factory brand of MARUMASU DYEING CO., LTD, who is a company with a history of more than 100 years and has roots in Edo Yuzen Dyeing. To combine techniques developed in long time with creativity of young craft persons and designers, marumasu transforms dyeing into an experimental trail, and produces vivid and finest goods that you cannot find anywhere else.


【"Designing" Dyeing Factory】
In 2011, Kazuhiro Matsukawa, 4th generation of the renowned MARUMASU DYEING in fashion industry, has established an luxury brand mainly creating a beautiful scarf. To spread the possibility of dyeing and produce never-before-seen goods, marumasu engages not only dyeing but also plans a fabric, designs and produces a scarf all under one roof. By the magic of Marumasu, mixing finest fabric made in Japan with unique design in harmony with art works, marumasu produces elegant and delicate goods with vivid color and smooth touch.

【Sustainable Manufacturing】
Marumasu respects traditional craftsmanship in Japan and pursues sustainable manufacturing by producing a modern and standard goods. To stop the declining of Japanese traditional fabric factories which have great craft skills, marumasu rethinks the way of manufacturing easily affected by trend and consumption, and willingly and actively collaborate with these factories.

【Design For a Scarf】
The main product of marumasu is a vibrant and luxuriant scarf, using fabric only made in Japan. Marumasu recognizes a scarf in a view of three-dimension and designs it to highlight its beauty during the time when you wear it. Marumasu brings a new fabric in each season and expresses the color which marumasu desires by mixing color and repeatedly trials of printing to a different fabrics. Designed by the idea of art works, a marumasu scarf, including many patterns, gives you different moods depending on the way of twisting.


1901 Foundation
Rooted in Tokyo Yuzen Dyeing, Marumsu Dyeing improves its technology and environment in line with trend.
2011 Establishment of maruamsu as a scarf brand
2016 First Store
The first marumasu store opened in March 2016 in Ginza, Tokyo.

4th generation of MARUMASU DYEING
Studied modern art and design at Tama Art University, Tokyo.